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Fulfill your individual dreams within a team

“A community where you are allowed to be yourself.”

I recently heard these words from the Danish actor, Ken Vedsegaard, when describing the cultural environment behind Vesterbro Ungdomsgaard; an established Danish youth club mainly known for theater and music performed by young people. Ken described how this culture helped him as a young teenager to identify his future role in life and be on the path to becoming the well-established actor he is today.

My dream for all teams and organizations is to cultivate a similar culture that gives freedom to individuality.

I often listen to managers wonder why their employees do not meet their obligations, even though the manager keeps telling the employee which obligations to fulfill. I believe these managers need to rethink their approach to team leadership. Instead of forcing an employee into an already fully described role, it would be more fruitful to align the role to what the employee naturally loves doing and does well.

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Transformation leadership is about gardening

Some leaders see the transformation of an organization like running a machine, which just needs to be fixed. Therefore, they keep hiring managers as mechanics analyzing what is wrong with people.

However, the transformation of an organization is not like running a machine. Organizations are organic, and should be treated as such. The leaders should act as if they were growing the organization.

Having grown up on a farm in Denmark, it seems obvious to me to draw a parallel between transforming organizations and cultivating nature.

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Virtual teamwork – how to make it efficient

As you might have noticed, I am in favour of always exploring how to get the best experts working together as a team. My advice is always not just to look inside the company, but also search for expertise outside the company – even globally.

With team members scattered around the globe – or just around the country – how to best work together when actually working apart?

One of the issues often holding people back from tapping into outside experts are technical challenges. However, it can be easy to implement technology that allows for virtual collaboration.

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